Friday, November 5, 2010

Walk for Peace: Day Two

Doug Rawlings, founding member of Veterans for Peace and leader of the first leg of the Maine Walk for Peace, sent me an e-mail letting me know that the Skowhegan pot luck supper went wonderfully, with approximately 30 walkers 'going the distance' - which, considering we started with 45, is pretty cool. He also told me he experienced acupuncture for the first time: "First time I've had needles stuck in my ears.  It worked!"
    Speakers from the community included a doctor, two teachers,and a social worker, who spoke of the impact on their community caused by the lack of decent funding and the wars themselves.

Day Two saw the walkers make their way from Skowhegan to Waterville, and I've heard that Alex is still going strong - keep it up, girl!
    Here's a video of the walk today:

Here's a nice write-up of the first day of the walk from the Daily Bulldog, Franklin county's online news source:

I'll keep you all updated as the walk progresses. Peace!

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