Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pledges for Peace

This month we're going to be sitting at a table in the UMF student center Mondays and Thursdays collecting donations and pledges in support of our treasurer Alex Valente, who plans to walk the entire 126.8 miles from Farmington to Portland via Skowhegan, Waterville, Bangor, Belfast, Bath, Rockland and Freeport.

If interested in sending a donation or pledge (either per mile or for the total distance) please email
umfpaint@gmail.com, subject line "pledges for peace"

Any advance donations will go toward gas money for us to get to Kittery, Maine at the end of this month for a protest of the soon-to-be $4million recruitment office opening in Kittery. Peace Action Maine and New Hampshire Peace Action are working together on this and we're hoping to join them to show our lack of support for more tax dollars being fed into the war machine.

Again, if interested in donating, send an email to 
umfpaint@gmail.com, subject line "pledges for peace"

Alex Valente
Here's Alex being her usual awesome self - always the life of every P.A.in.T. meeting, Alex has an unstoppable determination to live for peace. Although she is 3 years my junior, and perhaps a few inches shorter, I look up to her as the epitome of what this group is about. Alex is just a freshman at UMF but is ambitious and driven to do something to better not only her own life, but the lives of others. I'm really proud of her, and so glad I get to work with her :)

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